Akkhor – School Management Admin Template

Akkhor – School Management Admin Template

Akkhor – School Management Admin Template is fully Responsive & mobile friendly admin template Based on HTML5, CSS3, JQuery & Boostrap 4 also ncluded ChartJs JQuery Library.

It can be used any School Management application also can use any cross-platform web application like admin panel, admin dashboard, account software, employee management, Payroll, custom CSS using any PHP framework etc..

Akkhor incuded all UI to input and visualize output that you need to build an application.
akkhor school management system

Main Features:

LESS support: Akkhor in based on bootstrap 4 and Less . All styles and custom UI are written in LESS.

Prebuilt apps: Akkhor included some prebuild apps.

Customizable color: Customize or create your own color scheme by changing the LESS color variable’s.

Data Table: Data table displays a set of data in clean table format. User can search and sort data.

Charts: Akkhor uses chartJs for data visualization. All necessary and common chart options written in defferent file.

Other Features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Simple, clean and user-friendly design
  • Well commented code
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • 20+ Pre-built widgets
  • UI Elements
    • Buttons
    • Dropdowns
    • Progress Bar
    • Pagination
    • Tabs
    • Tooltips
  • Form Elements
    • Basic Elements
    • Advanced Elements
  • ChartJs
  • Data table
  • Basic table
  • Notifications
  • Google Map
  • Calendar

Flag icons
Font Awesome


Roboto –

Change Logs:

Version 2.0 (Oct 08, 2019)

1) RTL Version Added
2) UI Element Added: Modal, Alart, Widget
3) Login Page Added
4) UI Element page Bug fixed



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