Store Locator (Google Map)


WordPress Store Locator with easy to use mobile version. Customers can search for stores in any country around the world. Choose what store data you want to show: Store’s name, address, contact details, opening hours and more. Create store categories and filters, and assign your stores to them. Let your users then filter as they like.

Responsive Store Locator (Google Map) - 1

Main features

  • Responsive Locator UI design
  • Google Map Locator
  • Stores management for unlimited markers
  • Custom store fields
  • Custom stores filters
  • Sorting by custom store field
  • Customizable store/location templates
  • Store working hours with timezone
  • Open/Closed status-field and filtering of locations
  • Easy to use locations CSV import with geocoding
  • Locations clusters

Customization of plugin templates possible with azexo builder

Responsive Store Locator (Google Map) - 2


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