Awesome Company

The Awesome Company theme is an HTML Template website.

It was designed as a company site but really could be converted to any use (blog/Real Estate/non-profit/etc.).

It comes with a general Interior page and a Contact page.


  • Pure CSS dropdown/flyout navigation.
  • jQuery banner image slideshow on the homepage.
  • AJAX contact form that works already. As long as it’s on a PHP server, all you have to do is change the email address to yours. It’s also a validating form.
  • All text on the site is coded(not graphics) and can be quickly changed. Including the nav tabs.
  • Every aspect of the design is on it’s own layer in the PSD
  • Comes with a separate PSD for the banner slideshow, making it easy to change images and text.

Thanks for visiting and let me know if you have any questions or need any help.




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